Friday, November 25, 2011

What Happens When Two Sensational Indian Stories Combine In a Single Video?

Watch the current hero of the common man in India, Harvinder Singh peform for the latest sensation in Indian cinema- 'Why this Kolaveri Di"

This one is for the humor page :)

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sharad Pawar Slapped! – Is There Any Better Way to Vent Out our Anger, or is this the Way it Works?

Harvinder Singh, the young and furious Sikh sprung his name to fame with just one ‘slap’. Years ago, when he watched T.V, he would not have even dreamt of so many channels showcasing his picture all at the same time. But, all this is happening not for the best of reasons.

Sharad Pawar, the NCP stalwart and almost a regular member of the Parliament for years now, was slapped right on his cheek by this young Sikh who was piqued enough by the ever-rising prices of essential edible commodities and the puny counter-measures taken by the Agricultural Ministry to curtail inflation and provide adequate food security.

However, the bigger story to ponder upon is – Are we Indians losing their cool or has our patience been tested enough?

The ‘Slap-stick’ theory and shoe-hurling stories are not new to Indian newspapers and visual media. It is probably good news for these channels and papers as such stories give an instant burst to TRPs.
Varun Gandhi, L.K. Advani, P. Chidambaram and the list goes on and the shoes and slippers have kept flying.

There is no doubt that there are a few corrupt politicians out there, who mind more about grabbing lands for hapless farmers, adding a new BMW or Merc to their convoy, building a new lavish bungalow or starting a new college too! Where do they have the time think about how to bring the prices of onions and rice down to a level which is affordable for the common man?

The outrage and vexation is totally justified but, is this THE best way we Indians can fight against them?
We come from the land of Gandhi, the man who thought the world that a battle can be won, without any weapon, except for the weapon of non-violence. Anna Hazare, for instance made the government sweat with his fast. Yes, there is a small ray of hope for betterment and let us all believe that a change will come


My First Post, My First Words.

My first day of work with Indian Peppers is finally a reality, thanks to my intense desire to give a voice to my views which could in general reflect the ideologies of most of the Indians out there.
The greatest strength and weakness of every Indian has been to exercise the power of IGNORANCE. Be it a case of an accident victim on the road, or be it any issue that does not concern or have an impact on us on a personal basis; we just give a ‘DAMN’ about it.
This is the reason why India is still the ‘India of today’.
  • A little more religious integration amongst the various sects could have saved 2000 precious lives in the Babri Masjid Demolition, scores of lives in the 2002 Godhra riots.  
  • A little more stringent law on corruption could’ve made India a golden country today.
  • A little more importance if offered to sports and investment in allied infrastructure could’ve made India stand above China in the medals tally in the Olympics.
A sneak-peak in the past reveals the striking difference between where we are and where we could have been.
However, BETTER LATE THAN NEVER IS NOT JUST A SAYING. It is something written just for us to learn, realize and awaken.
Chetan Bhagat has released his ‘Revolution 2020’.
What about you and me?
WELCOME TO INDIAN PEPPERS. Realize, Speak out, Awaken!